Become an Ácumen Partner

This is your chance to transmit the Ácumen Method and commercializing its products and services anywhere in the world.
Acumen’s goal is to transmit its concepts, messages and content all over the world and beyond its physical locations.
There are two alternatives to becoming part of the Ácumen community.

Business Partner 

If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to start generating business linked to the world of sports. You’ll count on our experience and support to be able to enhance your current business and, in turn, commercialize ácumen’s products and services aimed at professional athletes, amateurs, Sports Clubs and within business organizations.

Technical Partner

If you currently work in the sports industry, in either a professional or amateur capacity, you can start working with our processes and methodologies, have your OWN INTRANET, personal sites for your athletes, and access your own ácumen platform for technical, theoretical, practical and audiovisual content.

We would like to accompany you in this passionate mission to help someone build self-confidence , enhance their performance and achieve specific objectives.

We have two separate offerings for you to choose from to begin in the path towards becoming an ácumen partner.