How do athletes train mentally?

By now, you’ve likely heard the phrase “mental” or “psychological” training. The clues in the name, this form of training is working the mind, testing it in multiple ways, and instilling confidence within an athlete. Often, what separates the highest … Read More

How to evaluate your physical training in sport

Physical training is no doubt the most important factor concerning sports performance. However, the evaluation of this training should not be overlooked. The evaluation of your training is essentially how your training is currently going, what you’re currently doing well, … Read More

The importance of awareness in sport

What is awareness? Awareness is your knowledge or perception of either of yourself as a player or of other situations. However, in this case, in sport, we will be discussing the awareness of yourself. Being aware as a player in … Read More

The importance of goal setting in sport

Goal setting is the process of setting and working towards goals. However, why is goal setting important? What’s so special about writing goals down and working towards these? Setting goals allows you to maintain focus and attention. This is crucial … Read More

What is mental training in sport?

Mental training is a segment within sports psychology that focuses on training the mind. For example, this may be improving confidence within an athlete, reducing anxiety, or even increasing motivation. Sports Psychology and mental training are becoming greater recognized in … Read More

High Performance Method

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