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Currently, most people live with high levels of demand, which makes it even more important to have clear goals and objectives to better optimize time, resources and energy.

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It is based on neuroscience and bio-psycho-education and based on two important pillars:


Awareness, training of values, attitudes, habits, and sensory, cognitive, physical and mental abilities.


Online organization of all technical, practical and audiovisual information.


Ácumen Process


A method that organizes and raises awareness


Set specific goals, train physically and mentally to achieve them.


Enjoy yourself in the process.

No Pain, No Gain

  The Journey.

Why Ácumen

Analyze the present

We propose to analyze the present, establish specific, ambitious, realistic and measurable goals, and develop an awareness and training plan to achieve them while enjoying the journey.

Mentality Zone

9 Modules

Module 1

Original Idea. History and evolution.

Module 2

Ácumen today. Global vision. PARTNER community.

Module 3

Pillars of ácumen Method.

Module 4

Process for successful fulfillment of goals and objectives.

Module 5

Mentality zone:
Organization, awareness, planning of objectives and commitment of actions to achieve them. Mental training.

Module 6

Mental-Physical zone:
Sensory, cognitive, physical and mental training. Theory and practical.

Module 7

Physical conditioning zone: Awareness, Evaluation and comprehensive Planning.

Module 8

Commercial Management:
Earning money with our Products and Services for Athletes, Sports professionals, Clubs and Institutions, Companies.

Module 9

Close and continuity. Alternatives and proposals to become affiliated with ácumen.


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